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Students for a Free Tibet UK is a volunteer-run campaigning group which campaigns for Tibetan freedom and independence. We are part of an international network, with chapters all over the world.

This blog is mainly run by the Chair of SFTUK. Any personal views are my own.
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Happening now; Tibet activists unveiled two big banners ‘XI: FREE TIBET NOW’ 50 metres away from Hotel Taj Palace where Xi is in meetings with Indian Leaders. 4 SFT India activists are arrested by Delhi police..This is to highlight the critical situation inside Tibet and Protest against Xi & CCP regime crimes in ‪#‎Tibet‬

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Mendit Yakhalaba readers!

As a Kalmyk you may have noticed many cultural similarities between Kalmyk and Tibetan people including our religion, clothing, art, nomadic lifestyle, and so many other aspects of our culture. Communication and relationships between Mongols and Tibetans…





"Dharamshala: - A local Tibetan man hospitalized and many others were wounded after local authorities reportedly beat up local Tibetans in the Dza Dhogyak village of Dzatoe County, eastern Tibet.

On 27 August, an official meeting was held in the area to collect suggestions and public opinions where local Tibetans were asked to express their needs and difficulties they face. However, a Tibetan man was “severely beaten by local authorities after speaks out about the real situation in the village,” Konchok Dhondup, a Tibetan living in exile but who maintains contact with his county of origin, told the RFA’s Mandarin Service on Friday.”


For the third time in five years, His Holiness the Dalai Lama has been barred from entering South Africa to attend a summit for Nobel Peace Prize Laureates.

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Weekly vigil outside the Chinese Embassy in London today in solidarity with Tibetans inside Tibet.

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Tibet is under severe military occupation by China. Tibetans in Tibet are subjected to gross human rights abuses, where peaceful protests are brutally suppressed and the local culture, religion and language is being wiped out by a ruthless oppressor. Against this repressive backdrop, UK company Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG) is preparing to open a luxury hotel in Lhasa, Tibet’s capital. The Tibetan people have had no say in that decision.
The ‘Resort Lhasa Paradise’ is aimed at attracting wealthy Chinese tourists and will do nothing but whitewash the brutal occupation of Tibet. InterContinental still have time to make the right decision and stop ignoring the facts about the occupation of Tibet.


བཀྲ་ཤིས་བདེ་ལེགས། (tashi delek)
This week’s #WeeklyTongue is Tibetan! We haven’t got a video for Tibetan yet, so here’s Tibetan rapper Shapaley with his song about learning the Tibetan Alphabet. Catchy, isn’t it? If you can speak Tibetan or know someone who can, help us with a video submission! More info on

Tibetan may refer to Classical (written standard) Tibetan, Old Tibetan, Standard Tibetan, which is the most widely spoken dialect, and three other language variants. Tibetan is part of the Tibeto-Burman language family, which is part of the Sino-Tibetan family. 

This post will focus on Standard Tibetan. (ལྷ་སའི་སྐད་ lha-sa’i skad). Standard Tibetan is often referred to as Lhasa Tibetan, as Lhasa is the capital of Tibet. It is spoken in three styles, polite, vernacular and religious. The Lhasa dialect has two tones, high and low. Apart from this, there is also vowel harmony, where vowels are alternated between open and closed, used with non alternating either open or closed vowels. 

You can learn the consonants here!
There are four vowels: i, u, e, o. More information can be found here:

This page also provides great background on sentence structure:

Have a look at Omniglot’s page if you want more phrases:


Have you seen the latest trailer about Tenzin, the Cyber Superhero by Tibet Action Institute? Stay tuned!

Tibet Action Institute brings together thought leaders, campaigners, and technology experts at the forefront of the Tibet movement in order to develop and implement visionary end-game strategies designed to help Tibetans win their nonviolent struggle for rights and freedom. They develop and deploy technology systems, map and execute big-picture campaigning, and offer training in safe and secure use of information and communication technologies and the art and methods of strategic nonviolent resistance.

"In further crackdown on the Tibetan dissents in Tibet, a young Tibetan female writer was arrested by Chinese police in Dzatoe County of eastern Tibet on unknown charges.

"Chinese police have detained a Tibetan female writer named Dawa Tsomo aged around 20 in Chidza village of Dzatoe county in eastern Tibet on August 23," Ven Konchok Dhondup, a Tibetan monk living in India told The Tibet Post International (TPI) on Wednesday.

It seems she was arrested after police accused her of sharing politically sensitive information with others from her mobile phone.

'Although details of the arrest remain unknown due to the strict restrictions currently imposed by Chinese authorities in the Dzatoe (Chinese: Zaduo in northwestern China's Qinghai province),' Ven Dhondup said.

Tsomo was taken from her home by Chinese police and was apparently detained for sharing banned contents on micro-messaging service WeChat and website or blog.”

A lot of stuff comes up under the “Tibet” tag, unfortunately not all of it is great. Here’s a short but not complete list of what we will never reblog. 

- Tibetan prayer flags with #spiritual #tibet #buddhism #india #peace #yoga or similar
- Any photo of Tibet with those # 
- White people with tattoos in Tibetan (that they can’t read)
- Posts supporting Tibetans only because of their beautiful, spiritual culture, Orientalising and fetishizing Tibetans
- White supremacists using Tibet as an argument for their racist claims to preserve “White culture” (whatever that may be)
- Pictures of monks with #Tibet (even though they are not actually Tibetan)
- Pictures of Buddhist temples outside of Tibet with #Tibet (all Buddhists are the same you see). 
- Mandalas with tags like “peace”, “unite” “love” “spiritual” “hippie” “pray” or even as some “rasta” (for unknown reasons)
- Images or news from Tibet identified as in “China” or “Chinese”
- Random assortments of ‘spiritual’ objects from various South East Asian religions in their room as a ‘shrine’. You’d be surprised how many of these come up, generally White people. 
- Tour & travel companies advertising holidays in Tibet without mentioning the fact that Tibetans can’t return to their own country and ignoring the whole Chinese occupation thing. 

I’m sure I’ll think of more and please do feel free to comment and add to the list!